Trump's White House tackles America's most divisive question: Laurel or Yanny?

Trump hears ‘covfefe’ as White House aides weigh in on 'Yanny' and 'Laurel'

White House

Like any viral clip, this one also began when Cloe Feldman, a YouTuber, and social media influencer, added this audio clip to her Instagram story and then took to Twitter, asking, "What do you hear?!" "Laurel" exists in the lower frequencies and "Yanny" exists in the higher frequencies.

The White House is now weighing in on the Laurel vs. Yanny debate.

The audio became viral after being shared on Reddit on Sunday by a user named Roland Camry.

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We built a tool to gradually accentuate different frequencies in the original audio clip. Within a day, it started spreading on social media like a wildfire.

To make it more clear, humans typically pay attention to three different frequencies when they're listening to speech.

A short explanation people's brain's perceive pitch and frequency differently and depending on the person you'll hear a different word. Sarah Huckerbee Sanders implies the answer is probably whatever CNN says it isn't.

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Ask Panthers kicker Graham Gano and he'll tell you he can hear both simultaneously. So, team Laurel wins and whoever got that right can rightfully brag about it. On Thursday night he retweeted the White House video.

The internet is mired in another intense perception debate.

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