Turkey Humiliates Departing Israeli Ambassador in Istanbul Airport

Germany Reacts to Ozil, Gundogan For Picture Taken With Erdogan

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According to diplomatic sources speaking on condition of anonymity, the ministry told Sfari to leave following indiscriminate violence and killings by Israeli soldiers along the Gaza border.

Israel responded by ordering the Turkish consul in Jerusalem to leave for an unspecified period of time, its foreign ministry said.

Turkey's government ordered Israeli ambassador, Etan Naeh to leave the country in response to Israel's killing of Palestinian protestors in the Gaza strip yesterday.

Germany Reacts to Ozil, Gundogan For Picture Taken With Erdogan
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The moves came as Israel faced global criciticism for its brutal response to Palestinian protestors that saw over 50 killed and 2700 injured in one day.

Turkey has expressed outrage over the killing by Israeli forces on Monday of 60 Palestinians on the Gaza border and also blamed tensions on the U.S. decision to move its embassy for Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales dedicated the embassy Wednesday just two days after a high-powered American delegation also marked the transfer of its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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On Tuesday, Turkish President Erdogan blasted Prime Minister Netanyahu, stating, in English, "Netanyahu is the PM of an apartheid state that has occupied a defenseless people's lands for 60+ yrs in violation of United Nations resolutions".

Erdogan this week has accused Israel of "genocide" and told Netanyahu he is leading an "apartheid state" while having the "blood of Palestinians" on his hands.

Na'eh, too, the Israeli ambassador, had been in his post only since December 2016 after a reconciliation deal earlier that year formally ended a five-year dispute over the storming of a Gaza-bound ship by Israeli commandos in which ten Turks were killed.

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Netanyahu hit back a day later, saying that as a prime supporter of Hamas, the Turkish leader was himself involved in "terrorism and slaughter". "No, you are not right", Erdogan said.

The Turkish president announced he was calling a "giant meeting" on Friday to protest Israel's actions at the vast Yenikapi area in Istanbul, which has capacity for more than a million people. The demonstrations went peacefully, although one man was arrested in Ankara for throwing eggs and stones at the residence of the Israeli ambassador.

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