UFC 224: Nunes Criticizes Pennington's Team For Not Stopping The Fight

Amanda Nunes

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The woman tasked with the job of ending her reign at the summit of the UFC's women's bantamweight division was Ultimate Fighter season 18 star Raquel Pennington, who went into her maiden UFC title fight on the back of a huge victory over Miesha Tate.

That ill-thought-out approach resulted in her being taken down and eating more strikes on her back. "Unfortunately, tonight (the cornerman) failed", the Brazilian added.

The Brazilian dominated the bout against Pennington in her homeland and was eventually declared the victor when the referee stepped in to stop the fight 2:36 minutes into Round 5 via a technical knockout. Nunes didn't get exhausted and won most of the striking exchanges and landed a takedown of her own in the third round. It might be a bad injury for her to go to the hospital.

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Pennington took her corner's advice and came out in the fifth round looking to attack but Nunes superiority continued. She went out on her shield.

Nunes showcased her wrestling ability in the third round and laid into Pennington with knees from the clinch at the end of the fourth. However, she said something that created a heavy gap between diehard and fighter-protect fans. "It was the hardest fight in my career". Rocky secured a takedown, but otherwise it was more of Nunes picking the challenger apart with leg kicks and combinations. "I am always motivated for every fight and I promise you I will be motivated for this one, too". "I like and respect these girls so much, especially Tecia".

As for Pennington, she showed incredible toughness throughout the fight, although her corner didn't do her any favors by not stopping the contest when their athlete said she was done.

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"When it comes to finish this bout, something I've dreamed about for so long, I have to do it". But we are going to leave this cage and have a beer and celebrate our friendship.

Nunes pinned Pennington back against the cage with a series of heavy kicks in the opening round, with that pattern continuing, as the American struggled to get the champion down on the mat.

The women's bantamweight champion believes the coach should have listened to the fighter and not allowed her to continue, especially since they were aware that she had suffered a broken nose in round four.

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