Incumbent Manchin has financial edge in US Senate race

Don Blankenship Just Lost

Breaking: Surprising winner announced in highly contested West Virginia GOP primary

This district went for Donald Trump by 12 points in 2016, but Democrats hold a clear edge in enthusiasm at this stage of the race.

The loss of convicted former coal baron Don Blankenship in the West Virginia GOP Senate primary was a sigh of relief for Washington Republicans, who feared Blankenship could lose to Democratic Sen. James Renacci clinched his nomination with the support of the president. "President Trump, if you're listening now, let me tell you, your tweet was huge!"

Part of Blankenship's strategy was going after McConnell, who the former Massey Energy CEO dubbed "Cocaine Mitch".

Trump weighed in on the race Monday urging people not to vote for Blankenship.

Messer and Rokita are out of jobs now since they gave up their safe-Republican seats to run for the Senate.

"It's time for all the WV GOP to come behind Patrick to defeat Manchin so we can keep a Republican Majority in the US Senate and protect our Constitution!" But Trump's unpredictable nature and the swirl of controversies surrounding him has made their task more hard.

Blankenship who has said that he was "Trumpier than [President Donald] Trump" was viewed as a potential problem for the GOP. Braun ran in Trump's mold, deriding the "swamp" and using his more traditional opponents as foils.

Two years ago, the Rev. Mark Harris of Charlotte's First Baptist Church lost by just 134 votes to Pittenger, a wealthy land developer.

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Incumbent Joe Manchin has won the Democratic Senate primary in West Virginia, easily defeating challenger Paula Jean Swearengin. The big race to watch is the Republican primary for Democratic Sen.

Blankenship, who placed third despite earlier polling, conceded around 10:15 p.m., noting that it "didn't work out".

However, despite his conservative leanings, the Democrats have made it known that they will support Manchin.

Manchin added that he is one Democrat who will pledge to support Trump's nominee for Central Intelligence Agency director, Gina Haspel.

"Batten the hatches. It's going to be a long ride", Robert Rupp, a political history professor at West Virginia Wesleyan College, said Wednesday.

Greg Pence has won the Republican primary for an IN congressional seat his younger brother, Vice President Mike Pence, once held for a dozen years.

Joe Manchin, a conservative-leaning senator from West Virginia, may face the most hard race in November. But after Roy Moore's collapse in Alabama last December, party leaders didn't want to deal with Blankenship's baggage. "Problem is, Don Blankenship, now running for Senate, can't win the General Election in your State..."

Before the primary, Mr. Blankenship said that he couldn't stomach the possibility of supporting Mr. Morrisey in November and teased the idea of running as a third-party bid if he lost the nomination race. At the same time, his rhetoric, his approach to winning that primary was very different from Don Blankenship's. And Morrisey is the better man anyway.

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Mitchell Eggleston of Charleston said he voted for Jenkins - as a means of stopping Blankenship.

"You have rightfully complained about fake news and the corrupt Obama-era Department of Justice (DOJ)", Blankenship wrote. There is no doubt that he was responsible for that mine accident.

"If he wins the Republican nomination, I will not back him and I am not afraid to say it and I'm letting it out there right now", he said.

If Trump, a billionaire who has been repeatedly accused of stiffing contractors-indeed, has boasted of it-could claim to represent the interests of the working class, then Blankenship could surely run as a champion of miners, despite having fought the miners' union and spent a year in federal prison for violating mine-safety standards that led to an explosion at the Upper Big Branch Mine, in 2010, which killed twenty-nine workers.

"I think we need someone like him that's a fresh face", Ehman said.

Blankenship was still under supervised release when he launched his campaign. McConnell's wife is U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, born in Taiwan.

We're trying to understand what message voters sent yesterday.

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