Cambridge Analytica ordered to hand over data on United States voter

The offices where Cambridge Analytica is based in central London

The offices where Cambridge Analytica is based in central London

The case may only cover one person - but if Carroll gets his way, that means up to 240 million other USA users could demand to see the personal information Cambridge Analytica has been storing through the UK's legal process, The Guardian reports.

However, the survey was limited to the U.S. and analysts are waiting to see how the social media giant's sales perform in the second quarter, when the scandal was at its height.

Results of the national online poll, which took place between April 26 and April 30, show that around half of US Facebook users had not recently changed the amount they used the site, while a quarter were using it more.

Some 43 percent of respondents to a recent Fox News poll said that they had considered deleting their Facebook account.

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As the company named as Cambridge Analytica's data controller, SCL Elections, was based in the UK, Prof Carroll launched legal action at the High Court in London and also filed a complaint with the UK Information Commissioner's Office.

Cambridge Analytica advised US President Donald Trump's election campaign, building psychographic profiles of the electorate to help micro-target voters with advertising in key swing states.

Sixty-four percent of social media users in the USA check Facebook at least once a day (44 percent check continuously throughout the day), according to a poll by Reuters in partnership with marketing analytics firm Ipsos of 2,194 social media users during the last week of April.

Pachter stated, "I have yet to read an article that says a single person has been harmed by the breach". The percentage is a mere four percent decline from what a similar poll found in March right after the Cambridge Analytica story was made public.

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Seventy-four percent of users said they were aware of their current privacy settings, while 78 percent of users said they knew how to change them. Among Twitter users, this was 55% and 58%, while for Instagram users, it was 60% and 65%.

It was initially estimated that the firm was able to mine the information of 55 million Facebook users even though just 270,000 people gave them permission to do so.

British authorities on Thursday said that their investigation into the scandal involving will not be impacted with the shutdown of the political consulting firm.

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