The Fortnite Comet Finally Hit

'Fortnite' Season 4 Brings Major Changes To 'Battle Royale' Map Plus A Gravity Defying New Mechanic

Fortnite: season IV begins with a bang – and new locations

The most anticipated event in Fortnite Battle Royale's relatively short life arrives tomorrow.

In the shooting game, players are dropped on an island where they fight to be the last one standing. You can check out the rest of the cosmetic leaks here. And to keep its massive playerbase engaged, to keep Drake and Ninja happy, Fortnite is shaking things up in its latest update. You can check out the new trailer announcing Season 4 below...

As expected, all those meteorites we've seen flying around in the sky have come crashing down, creating a few new areas to explore and leveling one popular landing spot (don't worry, Tilted Towers is still there). You can find a full list of the changes in the patch notes. The underground bases also tease the possibility of some ongoing story that may play out over the course of the season. There really wasn't much in the area before, but players will now find a selection of houses and cars all centered around a busted movie screen and a smaller crater, with plenty of places to hide out in between.

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A new feature this season are the gravity defying Hop Rocks which, when consumed will allow players to lift off thanks to low gravity.

Epic continues to make the Battle Pass a bigger and bigger reward system for players.

That's not the only change the comet brings, though.

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For gamers who are new, you need to buy the Battle Bundle for 2,880 and then buy 75 levels at 150 V-Bucks a level.

When the comet hit the map on Tuesday, May 1, it was the "Dusty Depot" zone that was eliminated, leaving a giant crater where it once stood. Below we'll show you how to get to Risky Reels in Fortnite, and where it's located on the new map. But that doesn't appear to be the case.

The Omega skin is an alien-like outfit showing a dark, sleek, mysterious skin that can be upgraded as you progress through Fortnite season 4.

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