Sen. Chuck Schumer to introduce bill decriminalizing marijuana

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer D-N.Y. pauses as he takes questions from reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington Tuesday

The Top Democrat In The Senate Now Supports Decriminalizing Marijuana

In a shocking announcement of global and historic significance, Sen. His bill would not legalize marijuana outright, but instead allow states to decide whether to make the drug available commercially.

"The legislation is long overdue", the New York Democrat said in an earlier interview on VICE News. The bill is not about legalization but rather gives states the right to decide whether marijuana could be sold commercially.

Add Marijuana as an curiosity to remain updated on the most recent Marijuana information, video, and evaluation from ABC Information. The writing on the wall suggests cannabis prohibition may be coming to an end.

"The time has come to decriminalize marijuana", Schumer says.

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On Thursday, Schumer signed a bong for Vice News. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has long favored decriminalizing marijuana. So the chances of anything coming of this sort of legislation in the near term aren't good.

Gardner is also drafting bipartisan legislation that would make it clear that states have the right to determine their own marijuana laws without federal interference. Besides claiming that "reefer makes darkies think they're as good as white men" he also asserted that "most" marijuana smokers in the US were "Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos", and entertainers. Asked if he would be willing to try marijuana, Schumer, 67, said: "Maybe, I'm a little old, but who knows?"

Like most Americans, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has evolved on the issue over the years.

So why have I changed my stance?

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Schumer said after seeing the success of marijuana being legalized in several states, he thought it was time to shift laws on a national level. That has to change. It also aims to "invest critical resources into the THC research" for both youth and road safety, according to Schumer.

The three are all possible 2020 presidential contenders - another indicator of which way politicians see the country moving when it comes to marijuana policy. It would establish funding for women and minority-owned marijuana businesses, allowing for more entrepreneurs to enter the very lucrative medical and recreational market.

"I think Louisiana is going to work to see how that works in other states and see what happens federally before they bite that bullet", Mayers said.

The reason for decriminalizing pot, he said, is that it's simply the right thing to do.

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