There's a new Bioshock in the works

New Bioshock game

Next BioShock game currently in development at “top-secret” 2K Games studio

It's been several years since we have seen a new game from the popular BioShock franchise, although a new game from the franchise might be coming out very soon. The report says that a top-secret studio located "next door" to Hangar 13 is now in the early stages of work on a brand-new BioShock game.

Kotaku's Jason Schreier's report largely focuses on the making of Mafia 3 and the impact it had on developer Hangar 13, but in his reporting, Schreier discovered an unannounced project in the works at a neighboring, secret studio.

A "top-secret" studio is working on the next BioShock game, and it's now being developed under the codename Parkside.

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After Ken Levine closed the door on Irrational Games in 2014, he confirmed that 2K Games had also taken over ownership of the BioShock franchise.

As we're now well into 2018, perhaps that has changed and the new Unreal-engine powered BioShock is in a playable state.

After a round of layoffs at Hangar 13 back in February, many employees moved on or joined the team working on Parkside. "They're careful about not falling into the same problem every studio has, where they have too many people and nothing for them to do".

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Schreier had gone to visit Hangar 13 for a story on the fallout from Mafia III's underwhelming critical reception.

Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of 2K Games parent company Take-Two Interactive, told investors that the company plans to publish a "highly-anticipated new title from one of 2K's biggest franchises" sometime in the next 12 months. Turns out, Parkside was actually referencing the next BioShock., CEO Plead Guilty in Sex-Trafficking Crackdown
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