Colorado Senator Releases Statement On Marijuana Policy

Trump says he will back congressional efforts to protect states' rights to legal marijuana

Trump says he will back congressional efforts to protect states rights to legal marijuana

While Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded an Obama policy that denied the use of federal resources to go after marijuana users and growers in states where their activities are legal, Trump has now apparently promised a Colorado senator that his administration will continue to leave such states alone and let them follow their own policies.

He singled out Colorado, the first state in the nation to allow recreational marijuana sales. Gardner said Trump told him the marijuana industry in Colorado won't be targeted, the Post wrote.

In a conversation between the president and the senator, Trump reportedly assured Gardner that he would support legislation to allow states to legalize cannabis without fear of prosecution from federal law enforcement so long as Gardner would not block nominations for positions which have yet to be filled at the Department of Justice (DOJ).

"Since the campaign, President Trump has consistently supported states' rights to decide for themselves how best to approach marijuana", said Gardner.

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In retaliation, Gardner used his vitality as a senator to forestall consideration of any nominees for the Division of Justice - a uncommon step for a senator to utilize in opposition to an administration run by one different member of his event.

Gardner said he and his colleagues are working on a bill that would prevent the federal government from interfering in states' marijuana legalization.

"The President did speak with the senator", she said. During the 2016 campaign, Colorado reporter Brandon Rittman asked Trump whether he would enforce the federal ban on cannabis in states that had legalized, to which Trump responded, "I wouldn't do that, no..."

After Trump selected Sessions, a former federal prosecutor and also US senator from Alabama, as his attorney general, bud fans girded for a crackdown.

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President Donald Trump has signaled to Sen. "Until there is a formal agreement protecting Washington's well-regulated marijuana industry, I will continue to stand ready to defend it", Ferguson said. Replacements of any of those officials would require new nominations.

There are now at least three bills under consideration which propose removing marijuana from the CSA's federal banned list or would allow states to legalize without fear of federal prosecution: the Marijuana Justice Act, the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act and the Ending Marijuana Prohibition Act.

Lately, Gardner and Justice authorities have been in discussions for many years to get the holds lifted.

The action came amid widespread speculation that Trump will remove Justice officials overseeing the Russian Federation investigation. Sessions and also Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the official supervising the Russian Federation probe that has been the aim of the ire of Trump has been met with by Gardner.

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