Trump Had Affair With Housekeeper That Produced a Child, Former Doorman Claims

President Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen said he was aware of the story but denied knowledge of the tipster's $30,000 payday

President Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen said he was aware of the story but denied knowledge of the tipster's $30,000 payday

Federal investigators who raided the office and hotel room of President Trump's longtime personal attorney are zeroing in on the National Enquirer over payments to an ex-Playboy model and a former doorman who said he had juicy information on Trump having an illegitimate child with an employee at Trump World Tower.

If Sajudin went public with the information or with information about the agreement, he could be subject to a $1 million penalty, according to the AP.

The 2015 payment was reportedly made in order to buy exclusive rights to Sajudin as a news source, primarily over a rumor that Trump had a child with a former employee in the 1980s. Cohen told the AP that he didn't know about the payment to the ex-doorman at the time.

The publication ultimately spiked the story, according to The Associated Press.

We'll spare you the rest of the details, but Sajudin is suing the company for discrimination and is seeking unspecified damages.

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Dylan Howard, the Enquirer's editor-in-chief and an executive at American Media, acknowledged previous year paying Sajudin but said the story ultimately was spiked because it "lacked any credibility", the AP reported.

Dylan Howard, the Enquirer's top editor and an AMI executive, also explained that the story seemed very interesting in the beginning and would have sold "hundreds of thousands" of magazines, but turned out to be untrue.

"There is just so much meat on the news bone today that I don't know where to start carving", Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday's Late Show.

"But after four weeks of investigation, and dozens of phone calls, the tabloid - famed for proving John Edwards had fathered a "love child" - concluded the story was NOT true". officials indicted following Federal Bureau of Investigation shutdown
The indictment alleges, "These strategies are a fiction created to hide the true nature of Backpage's ads and customers". The federal government seized the online classifieds site Backpage on Friday, but the case remained sealed at the time .

The publisher of the National Enquirer is pushing back hard after two different reports indicated that the tabloid paid a doorman to keep him quiet about a rumor regarding Donald Trump's sex life.

"He's infamous for making up stories", Nikki Benfatto said of her former husband Dino Sajudin. The media company later said it paid McDougal for a series of "fitness columns and magazine covers".

AMI said in its statement that it "categorically denies that Donald Trump or Michael Cohen had anything to do with its decision not to pursue a story about a "love child" that it determined was not credible". "We never printed a word about Trump without his approval". The deal also reportedly included a deal to publish regular columns by McDougal on aging and fitness. Paying upfront was not the Enquirer's usual practice because it would have endangered the source's incentive to co-operate, he said.

The father of the family told the New Yorker the claim was "completely false and ridiculous".

After initially calling the Enquirer's tip line, Sajudin signed a boilerplate contract with the Enquirer, agreeing to be an anonymous source and be paid upon publication. After a promise of $500, Sajudin took the polygraph test, and the administrator revealed that all his responses were truthful. It said it then released Sajudin from the terms of the contract that stopped him from talking with other media outlets.

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