Hungary's anti-immigration premier wins election again

Fidesz Dominance       Orban's Fidesz party set to win constitutional majority at elections              Source Hungarian Elections Office

Fidesz Dominance Orban's Fidesz party set to win constitutional majority at elections Source Hungarian Elections Office

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said his "decisive" re-election victory and the supermajority in Parliament that his right-wing populist party appeared to have won Sunday were "an opportunity to defend Hungary".

Actually, the coalition of Fidesz and Christian-Democratic People's Party (KNDP) gets 134 seats out of 199 seats in the country's parliament i.e. two-third of votes in the legislative body. However, with almost all votes counted, results show Jobbik trailing far behind with 19.67 percent, the Socialists on 12.42 percent and the environmentalist LMP party on 6.97 percent.

In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders of the Dutch anti-Islam, anti-EU Freedom Party congratulated Orban for an "excellent result" and "a well-deserved victory".

The high turnout had initially caused excitement among the opposition. Instead, the strong mandate won by Fidesz in the national election seems to be evidence of the party's organisational powers.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban addresses his supporters in Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, April 8, 2018.

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Gyula Molnar, president of Hungary's main left-wing opposition party, the Socialist Party, tendered resignation after a crushing defeat by Orban's Fidesz party.

Mr Orban commented on the proposed bill, saying: "The reason we submitted this package before the elections is in order to allow the Hungarian voters to cast their vote knowing our intention on this".

"The people of Hungary have voted yesterday and the European Union is a union of democracy and values", a spokesman for the EU executive told a regular press briefing.

Orban's election campaign was dominated by immigration, with him promising to defend the country's borders and block migration by Muslims.

Orban's strident stance has turned Hungary, along with Poland's like-minded government which has also raised concerns with its own reforms, into a headache for Brussels and the rest of the EU. officials indicted following Federal Bureau of Investigation shutdown
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Other European leaders also congratulated Orban.

Orban has sought to portray himself as a defender of Christian Europe against Islamic immigration.

German news agency dpa reported that Seehofer warned the European Union against a "policy of arrogance and paternalism" and said bilateral ties with European Union countries are always important even when there are differences.

Co-founding the Alliance of Young Democrats party (Fidesz), Orban was one of "new" Europe's brightest stars, becoming an MP in newly democratic and optimistic Hungary in 1990.

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