Fortnite's latest update brings vending machines


Fortnite Is Out Now On Mobile And It Changes Everything

The items that are sold will match the rarity that comes with it and there is no purchase limit.

Explaining the new feature, Epic Games said: "Starting this week, we are doing things a little differently".

Another week has rolled around and that means a new set of weekly challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale's Battle Pass.

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For example, items found in a Common (white) version will cost 100 materials whereas items found in an Epic (purple) version will cost 400 materials. The machines will offer three different items of that rarity, but you will have to spend a specific type of material (Wood, Stone or Metal) in order to purchase each item.

These machines work in much the same way as all other special objects and items in the world: the higher the tier, the more lucrative and rare the items available.

Just like loot llamas, these new Fortnite vending machines are scattered across the map. They do not always appear in the same locations. Going forward, Epic will deliver new content every other week without having to push out an update.

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If you're looking for the Fortnite Vending Machine Locations then we've found quite a few. More importantly, balance changes are being implemented for weapons. There is a list of the new weapons to gain first shot accuracy.

These aren't simply buffs for the weapons, as damage falloff-the distance at which their damage is reduced-has also been altered.

Epic has kept a pretty consistent update schedule for Fortnite, introducing a new patch almost every week. More information the people could check out what the full 3.4 update recently added as well as the recent PS4 patch that mistakenly turned out to be much bigger in size than intended.

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