Apple's making curved iPhone screens that support air gestures

Apple reportedly plans iPhones with curved screens and non-touch gesture controls

Apple Testing 'Touchless' Gestures for the iPhone

While we're still getting the hang of Apple's new gesture interface on the iPhone X, Apple is apparently working on an entirely new kind of phone with a touchless gesture-based input.

To stay ahead, Apple needs compelling new features and designs.

The report also states that Apple is testing screens that gradually curve from top to bottom. What's more is that it takes into consideration the fingers proximity from the screen. Samsung has tried, but their smartphones are limited to a curve along the edges, except the curved smartphone launched in the past.

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While Apple hasn't introduced touchless gestures in the past, companies like Samsung and Motorola have. The curves will presumably be a lot more noticeable than the slightly curved display on the bottom of the iPhone X. OLED screens can be curved or folded.

It's unclear whether this curved display would be an OLED panel (which are able to curve, and even roll up like with LG's concept TV from CES 2018) or whether Apple plans to make its rumoured MicroLED screens curve. The technology likely won't be ready for consumers for at least two years, if Apple chooses to go forward with it, a person familiar with the work said.

And finally, Apple's exploring a technology that's similar to Samsung's Air Gestures, which lets users do things like flip through web pages by waving their hand.

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Both of these innovations are already available in Samsung flagships, of course. This is pretty different from Samsung's Air Gesture feature that debuted on the Galaxy S4 a few years ago, where Samsung embedded a motion sensor to detect gestures from a particular distance.

Google is also working on technology using gestures through a program called Project Soli. What makes Apple's approach to the technology different is the fact that the tech giant would rely on sensitivity built into the display, rather than an external camera.

Nothing is certain, and with the time frame that is provided in the report, these features could change.

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