Apple is working on a foldable iPhone for 2020

App Store results for a search for the Twitter app

App Store results for a search for the Twitter app

Apple is reportedly working on a foldable iPhone with Asian partners, Bank of America Merrill Lynch told CNBC.

This time it was one of the analysts of Bank of America, specializing in Apple products, who says there is not much left to know about the next big in redesigning the iPhone, after the drastic changes in the iPhone X that we saw past year (drastic in terms of previous models of Apple catalog, not regarding the competition). From rumors about a possible foldable iPhone to talk of trouble for the company's iPhone X, it was a decidedly interesting week for Apple fans.

"Our checks also suggest that Apple is working with suppliers on a foldable phone (that potentially could double up as a tablet) for launch in 2020".

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The key to this technology is found in the development of OLED panels. It's easy to imagine all the benefits without being realistic about the many challenges and compromises of a foldable phone design.

LG Display had already completed the foldable OLED screen prototype as of Oct'17 and was upgrading its durability and yield rate at the time. That has never been confirmed, but considering we're once again seeing a prediction and there was some relatively reliable information late past year, it's certainly possible we'll see a 2020 release of a foldable phone following the iPhone 11.

Interestingly, last year, Apple filed a patent application having a description, "an electronic device [that] may have a flexible portion that allows [it] to be folded".

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The mix of iPhone X obviously rose during the quarter based on the late launch in CQ4.

Apple first got on track to build foldable iPhones when it debuted the iPhone X, which is built using a flexible OLED display. The other two companies have established their presence in the academic community by offering low-priced laptops and tablets.

We all know that Apple does not cut corners when it comes to their products, that's why it's always safe to say that, more than anything else, Apple will be bumping up the performance of their new device. Like, if the whole device would be foldable or just a specific part of it. But as prices of flagship devices continue to skyrocket, it would make sense for Apple to release an affordable option for customers who want the new tech but can't shell out over $1,000 every two years.

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