Uber self-driving crash and death calls safety, rules into question

     IMPRESSIVE Ford can'talk to Jaguar and Land Rover cars in new car park tech

PA IMPRESSIVE Ford can'talk to Jaguar and Land Rover cars in new car park tech

Police said it was a brake test and a visibility test. Cities and states need those tests as well to understand how to prepare for the arrival of autonomous cars.

Uber declined to comment on Rajkumar's observations and referred questions to the National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating the incident along with Tempe, Ariz. police.

And there also was pressure to live up to a goal to offer a driverless auto service by the end of the year and to impress top executives.

Before authorities let Uber or the backup driver off the hook, they need to run their own video test and, if the Uber video looks significantly darker, find out why.

"Operating a driverless vehicle on a fixed route could reduce possible confusion for an artificial intelligence-driven auto because it takes time for its computing system to become adapted to a new environment", said 7Starlake Co. After the Tempe crash, Gov. Doug Ducey, who lured the companies to the state with a promise of minimal regulation, warned against jumping to conclusions.

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The Uber test operator involved in a recent fatal accident was a convicted felon and had a history of traffic violations, according to The Wall Street Journal.

And when that video was paired with footage from inside the auto showing the backup driver not watching the road in the moments before the crash, the problem turned even uglier for Uber.

The NY Times also published a piece today which argues that, compared to competitors like Google, Uber's autonomous cars are not performing almost as well.

Arizona's Governor Doug Ducey has been a champion of the self-driving auto industry.

Waymo was the first to start operating autonomous cars without safety drivers in Arizona a year ago, though the auto Hartke saw this week had a person behind the wheel. "Let's all work harder on having safe roads".

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"With autonomy, the edge cases kill you, so you've got to build out for all the edge cases", Khosrowshahi said at a conference in November.

By September 2017, Uber's autonomous cars had driven 1 million miles in a year nationwide.

A larger group of drivers was focused on picking up customers in the autonomous vehicles.

Around October, Uber merged the two groups to get to a point where it could offer a truly driverless auto service to customers "as quickly as possible".

Around the same time, Uber moved from two employees in every auto to one. The second person was responsible for keeping track of system performance as well as labeling data on a laptop computer.

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"Clearly there's a problem, because the radar also should have picked her up throughout, she was moving", he says. California has required the presence of such safety drivers, though starting next month firms can apply for a permit not to use them if certain requirements are met.

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