Hilarious Fortnite bug shrinks some players who use the leprechaun skin

Drake breaks new streaming record - in video games

Fortnite's E3 Party Plans

Though its initial launch was rife with controversy, many calling the online game a copy cat to its chicken dinner counterpart, opinions quickly changed when players saw how different it truly was and how dedicated Epic Games were to the community.

The most popular streamer on Twitch says there is big money to be made playing video games. With that in mind, these are the best Fortnite-style games or Fortnite alternative for Android. Despite any ire between the two games, players have been flocking to Fortnite, including Ninja.

According to analytics from SuperData Research, last month PUBG raked in $103 million in sales, while the free-to-play Fortnite soaked up 126 million gaming dollars.

Drake breaks new streaming record - in video games
Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins explains how he makes more than $500000 a month playing video game 'Fortnite'

ORIGINAL STORY - Fortnite Battle Royale has got some brand new week 5 challenges today and in a change of events there's no Fortnite server maintenance this week to stand in your way from getting started right away.

Fortnite is also a title that'll benefit from this function, not that it needs a popularity boost at this point. And then a new version called Fortnite: Battle Royale appeared in September 2017. Epic's Unreal team came in, and saved the day, in under two months. With over 16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, it is not shocking to see many of his fans flock over to the streaming platform to support his new endeavor.

Other games being searched for included Minecraft, Pokemon and 'Rainbow Six Seige [sic]'.

Family of four found dead
Before the bodies were found, Hoyt tried to get a message to her sister through the Creston newspaper. "Let us know you're safe". Ashli Peterson posted to Facebook Thursday March 22 night. "At this time that is all the information we have", Peterson said .

Fortnite is set on Earth during modern times.

The King of Battle Royale - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - has been rolling on piles of cash having moved more than 30 million copies since going into Steam Early Access around this time a year ago.

You and 99 other players are air-dropped onto a randomly generated map where scarce combat and defense items such as armor and weapons are scattered. It's all about the rules of survival, and being the last man standing.

County has winter storm watch
Indianapolis saw temperatures of 55 degrees on Sunday and 60 degrees Monday, while Chicago soared to 57 degrees on Sunday. We will see a little rain mix in with the snow early on, but our precipitation will be all-snow tonight.

"Having tons of resources is a blast, and our goal with the mode was to make it easier to gain resources due to the storm moving in so much faster", Epic wrote. This minor change has allowed Fortnite to grow in leaps and bounds in comparison to its competitors.

Apple to fix blabbermouth Siri bug that reads your private notifications aloud
Hopefully Apple will fix the bug ASAP, because the illusion of security is arguably more risky than no security at all. Apple Insider has shared some workaround to prevent Siri from reading out hidden notifications on the lock screen .

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