Latest internet sensation: Afghan woman nursing baby as she writes exam

Why we are celebrating ordinary women – Yemi Adenuga

How strong women became big business

Dahiru, therefore, urged the court to dissolve the marriage as she was no longer interested in the union.

Screaming in pain, the woman was repeatedly whipped with a leather belt as punishment for adultery.

The video shows the woman's hands tied to a branch and her husband shouting at her "Ab bhaag ke dikha (now, show your courage to run away)".

Why we are celebrating ordinary women – Yemi Adenuga
Woman dies after five-day sex with 60-year-old lover

A group of men and boys standing around in a circle watched as she collapsed unconscious after the frenzied beating yesterday in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.

A 37-year-old woman who killed her husband, destroyed all evidence and concocted a story to avoid arrest has finally landed in the police net.

Better then saw the men go into her unlocked auto and take her purse.

Usain Bolt Begins Trial With German Club Borussia Dortmund
Bolt is now on a two-day trial for Borussia Dortmund , with hopes of playing soccer professionally for the German club. I wanted to move and give the guys options and I tried my best.

But her ordeal did not end there with reports claiming some of the villagers then sexually assaulted and tried to rape her. "Whenever I defeat them in a tournament, they're genuinely happyfor me and cheer me on", she exclaimed.The Dragon Stout World Domino Championship includes several different leagues across the island, all vying for the title, bragging rights and millions in prize money. Reportedly, it was during the exams that the baby started crying.

The woman was badly injured and filed a complaint against the accused after a week once she had recovered. "We called the woman, spoke to her and registered a case". Five days later, a group of people from the woman's own village came to her and convinced her to go back to her husband, who happens to be a former head of the village, and start with a clean slate.

Taab, who is married to a farmer and has three children, cleared the Kankor exam with 152 points and continued her study.

Apple to fix blabbermouth Siri bug that reads your private notifications aloud
Hopefully Apple will fix the bug ASAP, because the illusion of security is arguably more risky than no security at all. Apple Insider has shared some workaround to prevent Siri from reading out hidden notifications on the lock screen .

A woman has been hospitalized after being shot in Hungry Horse on Wednesday, and the suspect is facing a charge of felony assault with a weapon.

The deputy found a bloody knife clipped to Goodman's front pocket, the sheriff's office said.

Trump ignored briefing materials that said not to congratulate Putin
Other issues that will be discussed during the bilateral meeting will be Ukraine, Syria, and North Korea , Trump added. Officials said the duo spoke by phone on Tuesday, days after the Russian leader secured a fourth term in the Kremlin.

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