Israel Confirms Bombing Suspected Syrian Nuclear Site in 2007

The Intelligence Failure: It Took Years for Israel to Discover Syria's Reactor

After a decade Israel admits: We bombed Syria nuclear reactor in 2007

Israel acknowledged for the first time Wednesday, March 21, that its air force destroyed a almost completed Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007.

"I don't give them the exact details of the target and its essence, but I say that there's going to be a significant attack in the upcoming 24-48 hours, an event that in low likeliness could lead to war", he said.

It is the second time that Israel has acknowledged destroying the nuclear reactor of an enemy country.

It said the reactor was "an emerging existential threat to Israel and the entire region".

After Israel has revealed it was behind the strike on a nuclear reactor in Syria in 2007, Syrian news outlets have yet to address the matter and have provided no statements from Damascus.

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The Israeli military disclosed for the first time details about the 2007 operation, releasing previously classified information, pictures and video of the airstrikes.

"Air Force and intelligence capabilities intensified and expanded [vastly] from the capabilities we had in 2007", Liberman said.

The International Atomic Energy Agency deemed it, "very likely" the site, "was a nuclear reactor that should have been declared". Israel sees an Iranian presence in Syria as its main strategic threat today.

In 2008, the USA presented what it described as intelligence showing that the hermit kingdom had helped Syria with "covert nuclear activities".

Air force commander Major General Amikam Norkin said the current turmoil in Syria had further vindicated the strike, particularly since the reactor was in an area later captured by Islamic State militants.

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Hezbollah is fighting alongside Assad's regime, like Iran and Russian Federation.

In 2007, Israel asked the USA to fulfill its commitment to Israel's security by striking the reactor.

The latest such attacks took place on February 20, when Israeli warplanes bombed a Syrian army facility in central Syria.

Known as Operation Orchard (or "Operation Outside the Box" in Hebrew), the attack was the culmination of several years of precise intelligence gathering by the Mossad and the IDF Intelligence Corps, which first suspected in 2004 that President Assad was secretly developing a nuclear option.

The reactor, which was being built with North Korean help and funding from Iran, was months away from activation, claimed the authorities. He wanted to avoid anything that might back Syria into a corner and force Assad to retaliate.

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