Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 17115 to the Slow ring

Microsoft Surface Pro

Windows 10 S Coming To All Windows 10 Versions Thanks To The S Mode

Both Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro users will be able to switch to the S Mode in order to have a faster and more intuitive user experience, without Win32 programs.

Microsoft said the new privacy settings will roll out to customers with the next Windows 10 update this spring. Microsoft has certified that they are giving up Windows 10 S as an independent iteration of its platform and will instead offer an "S Mode" in already-existing versions, starting next year.

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Some of you may have seen a discussion around our plans for Windows 10 S on Twitter today, and given some additional questions I've received, I thought it might be helpful to share more about our plans with Windows 10 S. Now the S mode option will be available in Windows 10 Home and Enterprise editions, too. "If a customer does want to switch out of it, they will be able to do so at no charge, regardless of edition", the blog post added. Moreover, it delivers predictable performance and quality with the help of Microsoft-verified apps via the Microsoft Store. Even though there is no definite timeline given by the Redmond-based software giant, we expect the company to push Windows 10 S within the next few months.

In a detailed blog post, Microsoft explained that the separation between 10 and 10 S would be removed, and that Windows 10 S wouldn't continue in its current form of a separate version of the OS.

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"We use Windows 10's as an option for schools or companies who need a version for simple tasks, but with guaranteed performance". Despite introduction on the expensive Surface Laptop shown above, Windows 10 S has primarily been found on low-priced machines for the education sector. Since the RS5 build 17618 comes out after the RS4 build, when you run this command on it will display the names of the previous Windows 10 versions.

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