PlayStation 4 update lets parents boot kids from playing

PS4 Firmware 5.50 Changelog

PS4 firmware update 5.50 is now live for all

For instance, you can limit your kid to an hour of playtime during weekdays, and only between 5PM to 7PM. There's also the ability to supersample for PS4 Pro owners which is pretty cool. This one is a feature that was designed for the parents and it allows them to control the play time of their children. As previously revealed, firmware 5.50 introduces several new features, the most significant of which is Supersampling Mode.

Are you excited for the new update or are these features you are not interested in? Plus, it adds a PS VR icon next to games on your list that's compatible with Sony's virtual reality headset.

The PS4's Library app can become easily cluttered once you start adding a lot of games to your collection, but 5.50 aims to make things look a lot tidier. Games and apps installed on this PS4 go under the first, while only the games you own through Plus go under the second.

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There are also three new tabs for the Library page. You can also see who's now online.

Lastly, there's an update to the quick menu that allows users to access custom friends lists.

For a closer look at the theme itself, you can look at the image above.

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At the PS4 Pro's launch, the main problem with it was the scarcity of enhancements for those who still game on TVs with a resolution of 1080p.

Tournament Page - This has been improved to allow customization of your team logo, name, background and to filter through events that interest your team.

There is now the option to set custom wallpapers from an USB stick connected to the PS4. Certain games already have "supersampling" benefits as part of their "PS4 Pro Enhanced" feature set, but this new mode can enhance the experience for those games that don't already have the feature.

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It's hard to imagine the game's release date today was a coincidence, but Sony has stepped in to block its release and insisted that it "will not be made available".

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