Let's go with Florida: all daylight saving, all the time

It takes some people a week to adjust to Daylight Saving Time

Start Going to Bed Early Now to Offset Sleep Deprivation of Daylight Saving Time

Antiquated and unnecessary, daylight saving time officially turns 100 this year. The occasion is not without controversy. World War II Britain outdid its allies by adopting "double summer time", setting clocks two hours forward, putting London temporarily in the odd position of being one hour later than Paris, creating what must have been a monumental headache for D-Day planners. The United States is one of them, along with other countries like the United Kingdom, Brazil, and the European Union.

If only temporarily. One study suggests that for every hour of sleep lost resulted in about 20% of work time spent slacking off. Daylight will last longer into the evening but take an hour longer to emerge in the morning. "Fast time", "slow time", daylight saving or standard. let's pick one and then get on it and stay on it.

These discussions are driving more people to wonder, "It's only an hour, what's the big deal?" Some say the extra hour in the afternoon can counter blackouts and other electrical failures that can occur later in the day. "There are a lot of pros to daylight saving time, but Im not hearing much discussion in Florida about the cons".

Here's a full Congressional Research Service report on the history of Daylight Saving Time and the surprising number of times the U.S. government has considered the matter.

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It's nearly time to change the clocks again.

Farming groups have also expressed anti-daylight time views, saying it has a significant adverse impact on rural families, businesses and communities.

You'll get that hour of sleep back when Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 4th.

But there are moves to change that.

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The only power states have now is to opt out of daylight saving time, putting them on standard time permanently, such as what is practiced by Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Granted, they'll have to convince the federal government to go along with their proposal, seeing as how Congress and the Transportation Department control time zones and time changes. The state Senate on Wednesday voted to study the issue. The extension means daylight saving time exists for eight months, while standard time is 4-months long. When it's cold and dreary, no one wants to be outside. Yes, every year the worst part of DST is that you need to hear about it all the time. But Peeler himself offered the caveat.

Seemingly, the only reason we're still doing these time switches is because we have this sense that it would be hard to stop.

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