'Feminist strike': International Women's Day sees transport & work chaos in Spain

Rallies mark Intl. Women's Day around world

Striking Spanish women hold hundreds of rallies against gender inequality

Organizers said Thursday is International Women's Day and strikes, walkouts from work and rallies are planned all over the world.

Though Myanmar has a woman leading its civilian government, a profound gender gap remains in the country of 52 million people.

In a seated protest, they blocked two lanes of a central thoroughfare as police directed traffic around them. She held a placard reading "Deputies - we don't want you".

Protestors gathered under the slogan "If we stop, the world stops". Ms Sereno, one of the Philippines' highest-ranking women, was an outspoken critic of Mr Duterte's administration, said Bloomberg.

Rallies mark Intl. Women's Day around world
'Feminist strike': International Women's Day sees transport & work chaos in Spain

She said: "As people in public positions, we have the duty to mobilise on behalf of those who can't go on strike".

When women do participate in the labour market, they are far more likely to have informal jobs with low wages and few protections, the report said.

Across Asia, women came out to mark the day.

Forty-nine women were killed by their partners or ex-partners in the country a year ago, an increase from 44 in 2016.

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In a speech marking International Women's Day, she said, "A country's human rights values will be enhanced when women are granted their rights".

Dressed in pink and purple T-shirts, the women protested the operations of the anti-drug campaign promoted by the president, Rodrigo Duterte, which has left more than seven thousand dead in nearly two years, according to official data. They sang and danced and handed red and white roses to the mothers, sisters and widows of drugs suspects killed in a crackdown on illegal drugsReutersHuman rights groups have condemned President Duterte's sexist remarks, including one in which he asked troops to shoot female communist rebels in the genitals.

Nonetheless, several USA companies, including McDonald's, Kroger and Old Navy, made gestures in recognition of the day, and the White House announced that first lady Melania Trump would present State Department courage awards to women from around the world at a March 21 ceremony.

"On 8 March, we cross our arms, interrupting every productive and reproductive activity", Non Una Di Meno announced.

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In the Spanish capital of Madrid, women marchers held pots and spoons, demanding equal pay with men and an end to domestic violence.

Since a female prosecutor's revelation in January of workplace mistreatment and sexual misconduct, South Korea's #MeToo movement has gained major traction.

"So, on 8 March, we will refuse to do the sex/work that we do for money and all the domestic, sex and care work that we are expected to do for free".

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