Britain First leader and deputy leader guilty of hate crimes

Britain First leaders guilty of religious hate crimes

Britain First leaders convicted of anti-Muslim hate crimes

The leader and deputy leader of the far-right group Britain First have been jailed after a "political campaign" in which Muslims were described as paedophiles and rapists.

Golding, 36, and Fransen, 32, both of Penge, south-east London, were jailed on Wednesday at Folkestone Magistrates' Court for 18 weeks and 36 weeks respectively after standing trial for religiously-aggravated harassment which they carried out in Kent in May past year.

The court heard they had targeted homes and people in Kent whom they believed were connected to a rape trial at Canterbury Crown Court where three Muslim men and a teenager were convicted of rape and jailed.

Prosecutors said it was one of several incidents of Fransen and Golding "filming and harassing people" they incorrectly believed were involved in the trial.

When Fransen and Golding were being sentenced, members of the press requested the release of the pictures but were told force policy was only to release images if a defendant had been handed an immediate jail sentence of more than a year.

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Paul Golding, Britain First's leader, and his deputy Fransen have been arrested numerous times and both have received convictions.

During the trial Fransen had denied being a racist but admitted she had carried out campaigns against citizens accused of sex offences.

Britain First leaders convicted of religiously aggravated harassment.

The defendants, both of Beeches close in Penge, will be sentenced later in the afternoon.

Britain First shot to global prominence when President Donald Trump retweeted three videos shared by Britain First.

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She interrupted Judge Barron in court, saying: 'This is a very sad day for British justice.

"As one of the first supporters of the EDL myself, I know first-hand how groups like Britain First prey on people's fears to spread hatred".

It has forged links with extreme nationalist movements across Europe, seeing Fransen attend a march in Poland where she called Islam a "cancer moving through Europe", adding: "Our children are being bombed, our children are being groomed and our government does nothing".

Leaflets entitled "Exposing Muslim Rapist" had also been posted through his front door and those of his neighbours, forcing him to move house.

Morgan asked if Trump thought he owed Britain an apology for promoting far-right views of political extremists. They still face charges of using hate speech at a rally in Northern Ireland in August 2017.

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