Trump has 'autocratic envy' toward Putin — Ex-CIA director

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Putin Goes Nuclear

The US White House and Pentagon have dismissed Russian President Vladimir Putin's talk of Russia's new "invincible" nuclear missiles as "no surprise" and instead, accused Russia of treaty violations and boast that their arsenal is "second to none".

White's remarks came after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that they are building advanced nuclear weapons that will significantly boost the Kremlin's military capabilities.

She said it was "unfortunate" to watch a Russian video animation Putin showed during his address that she said depicted "a nuclear attack on the United States".

The new nuclear-powered cruise missile could have serious implications for U.S. -Russia relations by complicating the bilateral New START treaty that meant to downsize the world's two largest nuclear arsenals. "The point why this is so important is, we haven't heard this kind of thing, really, since the Cold War".

Dapchi Girls: Military Justifies Withdrawal of Troops Before Boko Haram Attack
The Nigeria Police and the Nigerian Military are on a collision course over the Dapchi attack that saw the kidnap of 110 girls. Boko Haram is a religious extremist group that believes Nigeria is run by "nonbelievers" too closely aligned with the West.

Putin contended that he can not take action unless it goes "through official channels, not through the press or yelling and hollering in the United States Congress".

Putin tells Kelly that Russia will respond with nuclear weapons under two conditions - if anyone attacks Russia with nuclear weapons, aaaaaand ... if anyone attacks Russia with anything else, too.

"Vladimir Putin made a presentation, touting his country's weapons capability, saying they're able to evade US defenses", Witt began.

It wasn't immediately possible to assess whether the weapons could do what Putin said or how ready they are for deployment, but they would represent a major technological breakthrough that could dramatically bolster Russia's military capability, boost its global position and trigger a new arms race.

'Avengers: Infinity War' release date moved up
The studio's social media replied back to him and asked if April 27 would work with his schedule. The announcement was made in a thread with Robert Downey Jr ., who plays Tony Stark in the film.

"They have not succeeded in holding Russian Federation back", said Putin, referring to the West.

The Defence Security Cooperation Agency said Ukraine has asked President Donald Trump's USA administration for permission to buy 210 missiles and 37 launchers at a cost of around US$47 million.

The military alliance will continue using its armed forces to deter aggression, said North Atlantic Treaty Organisation spokeswoman Oana Lungescu.

Michael Hayden, the former Central Intelligence Agency director, said President Trump wishes he could behave more like Vladimir Putin. Development on the weapon predates the fall of the Soviet Union.

China strongly opposes passing of Taiwan Travel Act by US
The Taiwan Travel Act aims to expand the scope of official U.S. -Taiwan exchanges, long a sensitive issue in the U.S. Julian Ku, writing for Lawfare , argued that the act, despite its lack of legal force, was nonetheless significant.

President Vladimir Putin has insisted he wants to see the evidence that Russian nationals meddled in the U.S. election.

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