Diablo 3 Potentially Teased For Nintendo Switch In New Video

The UK games market grew 12.4 per cent to a record £5.11 billion last year

The UK games market grew 12.4 per cent to a record £5.11 billion last year

A cryptic tweet by Blizzard ignited speculation that "Diablo III" will soon arrive to the Nintendo Switch.

Blizzard, however, denied any connection between the tweet and the launch of the last Diablo game on the hybrid console. "We have nothing to announce". Do you guys thing that Diablo III would be a good fit for the Nintendo Switch?

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It may well be a video of a nightlight, pure and simple, but it's generated a lot of hype, with the assumption being that Diablo 3 will be making its way to the Switch.

When pinged for question, a Blizzard spokesperson told Polygon via e-mail that the post was meant to be a fun community engagement piece.

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Hearthstone is not now in the pipeline for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, developer Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed. I played through Diablo III for the first time previous year when the Necromancer was revealed, and fell in love immediately. Blizzard is working on portable Diablo! Maybe. Or perhaps Blizzard is being extra coy, because it did not outright deny that Diablo is headed to the Switch. Or it's just really keen on having us check out its fancy nightlight.

In related news, David Brevik, the original Diablo designer, recently revealed that Diablo 3 would have been much more Diablo II-looking if Blizzard North had developed the game. My girlfriend and I ran through endless corridors, stabbing demons and summoning fireballs to do our bidding. If the game came to the Switch, we'd start back over.

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