A Lost 'Supercolony' Of Penguins Was Discovered In The Antarctic

A thriving super colony of some 1.5 million Adelie penguins has been discovered on the remote Danger Islands in the east Antarctic surprised scientists announced. Just 100 miles away in the west Antarctic the same species is in decline

Previously unknown 'supercolony' of Adélie penguins discovered in Antarctica

The incredible discovery was captured using a video drone, which snapped the countless birds on their remote and unsafe island home from the air.

There, using drone footage, they counted 751,527 nests.

The islands are incredibly remote and surrounded by thick sea ice, which means they've been remained hidden from the world and somewhat protected from the effects of climate change and human activity.

A drone image of penguins in the Danger Islands. Is it connected to the expanded ocean ice condition over yonder?

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Heather Lynch, an associate professor of ecology at Stony Brook University, found guano stains on satellite imagery of the Danger Islands (yes, really). Lynch said in the news release. "To a unsafe island hard to reach, so people actually tried to do it", - said in an interview with the BBC News team member Dr. Tom HART (Tom Hart) from the University of Oxford, UK. One of the most common species of penguin on the Antarctic Peninsula, they play a vital role in the Antarctic food chain, states the WWF, feeding on tiny creatures like small fish and krill, and providing a source of food for leopard seals, killer whales and other predators.

"It's a gyre, a spinning caultron of ice, and because its so icy, the eastern side of the peninsula is very icy", he said. That's more than the rest of the Antarctic Peninsula combined.

"The population of Adelie penguins on the east side of the Antarctic Peninsula is different from what we see on the west side", said Jenouvrier. The existence of the supercolony could bolster support for Marine Protected Areas around Antarctica.

This was an incredible experience, finding and counting so many penguins. In 2015, a research ship delivered a team of scientists to the islands.

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They counted penguins in the drone imagery using neural network software developed by Hanumant Singh at Northeastern University in Boston.

A secret kingdom of thousands of Adélie penguins has just been discovered in Antarctica.

But it's still unclear exactly why the island colonies are so stable.

"We want to understand why". The nearby ocean has thick sea ice even in austral summer, which makes the place hard to access. A brand-new colony of the birds has been discovered in the remote Danger Islands, which aren't actually all that risky to penguins, but which are remote enough to keep scientists from discovering their inhabitants for decades. Polito said the publication of their study comes at just the right time to assist in that effort, as an worldwide body that oversees Antarctica's wildlife resources is expected to review new refuge proposals in October.

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