Presidents Day 2018: How did the holiday get started?

NBC5 Editorial: Celebrating the meaning of Presidents' Day

President's Day Closures

Presidents Day was established in 1885 in recognition of George Washington's birthday.

On the role and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln, Cousins says, "He was the soul of forbearance, in so many ways, just his patience and his ability to really want to understand other points of view - and that really stands out as a model". We all know Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, but can you place James K. Polk or Millard Fillmore in USA history?

The day is a state holiday in most states, with official names including Washington's Birthday, Presidents' Day, President's Day, and Washington's and Lincoln's Birthday.

To take the presidents quiz, click or tap and drag the portraits to put each president under the dates he was in office.

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Nebraska, New Hampshire, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alaska, Idaho, Maryland, Massachusetts and Wyoming observe the day as "President's Day" - paying homage to only the first president George Washington.

In the late 1960s, there came a movement to make federal holidays fall on a Monday.

This morning, I saw an email from the Republican National Committee asking me to sign Trump's Presidents' Day card (opening with "Happy Presidents' Day, 45"). Following President George Washington's death in 1799, his February 22 birthday became a perennial day of remembrance. Franklin Delano Roosevelt did so on Washington's 211th birthday in 1943, and Ronald Reagan followed suit on the 250th anniversary in 1982. Well, it's not. Now, it's true that some states used to celebrate Lincoln's birthday (February 12) as a state holiday, and have combined Lincoln's birthday and Washington's birthday into one observance.

Washington was born February 22, 1732 - or February 11, according to the old style calendar in use in the British Colony of Virginia at the time.

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Only, folks weren't done messing with George Washington's birthday.

ATMs will be operational, but check deposits and bank transfers made on Presidents' Day won't be processed until tomorrow.

In his address, Washington advised the new Nation to keep the union together, beware misrepresentations of political factions and parties, keep debt to a minimum, and govern morally. Patriotic groups and the Boy Scouts of America also held celebrations on the day, and in 1938 some 5,000 people attended mass at Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York City in honor of Washington.

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