India, Iran sign nine agreements, agree to stop terror forces

Iranian Prez Rouhani prays for Shia Sunni unity at Makkah Masjid

Iranian Prez Rouhani prays for Shia Sunni unity at Makkah Masjid

Stating that a number of issues in this connection were discussed and some decisions taken, the Prime Minister said: "Whether it be tax or investment, effective banking channels or cooperation between trade bodies, we have taken several significant steps for the future".

Underlining the deep and ancient cultural and historical ties between the two nations, President Hassan Rouhani of Iran presented Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an animated version of Kalila Wa Demna (Farsi translation of the Panchtantra) and a copy of the Mahabharata in Farsi before they began delegation-level talks in New Delhi on Saturday. "All military centres were in total control of the US", Rouhani said.

After holding wide-ranging talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rouhani, trying to reflect on growing congruence in bilateral ties, said the two sides deliberated on a range of pressing bilateral, regional and worldwide issues but did not disagree on even a "single topic".

"Might is not the criterion to be right as there are other criteria also. If they withdraw from the deal, the USA will regret it", he warned, reiterating Iran's commitment to the agreement as long as the other signatories did not renege on their part of the bargain.

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During the talks between the two leaders, India is also believed to have briefed Iran about the role of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in attempts to destabilise the situation in Kashmir.

As part of security-related issues, both sides discussed the wars in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and expressed a common resolve to counter terrorism. They urged an immediate end to all support and sanctuaries enjoyed by terrorist groups and individuals and were of the view that States that aid, abet and directly or indirectly support terrorism should be condemned.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday said India and Iran have a "common stance" in effectively dealing with terrorism and extremism, and called for concerted regional efforts to deal with the challenge.

Rouhani also underscored that at the time of formation of the United Nations (UN), only countries that had a nuclear bomb were given the right to veto, adding that, "If it was based on fairness, it would not have been so".

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Chabahar will also end Afghan dependence on Pakistan for connectivity since goods can now travel from India to Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia and vice-versa through Chabahar.

Calling the arrangement unfair, Rouhani said: "Today's foreign policy is about might and power".

"Why does India not have veto power?" he asked while delivering the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) address after the official leg of his visit. Why does India not have a veto power?

"Transit ties between the two countries will create multilateral and regional potentials with the countries of the region and we are ready to have trilateral and multilateral agreements to turn the transit route from Chabahar into a strategic route for regional relations", he said.

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