UN Mission: Over 3000 Civilians Killed, 7000 Injured in Afghanistan in 2017

Afghan Taliban's Open Letter to Americans Calls for Dialogue

Taliban asks US to engage in peace talks

Since the war began in October 2001, the United States has spent almost $877 billion, including about $45 billion allocated for this year alone.

Bush deployed troops in Afghanistan in 2001 and past year, Trump redoubled his efforts to attack the region when USA unleashed the Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) against an ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar Province, along the border with Pakistan.

"This has caused them to stop their attempts to seize provincial capitals, to stop trying to cease districts".

Report indicates that Taliban and so-called Islamic State (also known as Daish) are free to attack urban areas and Taliban who were governing only rural and far flung areas are now controlling urban centres where casualties from suicide bombings and attacks jumped by 17 per cent.

Child casualties - 861 killed and 2,318 injured - decreased by 10 percent compared to 2016. The long letter written by the Taliban urged Amecian people to press their government to withdraw from war-torn Afghanistan.The letter promised a more inclusive regime, education and rights of all, including women.

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They implored the president to not repeat the mistakes of his predecessor and resort to negotiations instead of Imposing war on the country. "However, as a responsible American president, you need to study the mistakes of your predecessors and prevent death and injury to American forces in Afghanistan", it said.

Taliban fighters train at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan, July 14, 2009.

"If you want peaceful dialogue with the Afghans specifically, and with the world generally, then make your president and the war-mongering congressmen and Pentagon officials understand this reality and compel them to adopt a rational policy towards Afghanistan", the letter said.

The UN says terrorist attacks in major cities by the Islamic State militants were behind the rise.

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said during a press conference on Sunday that the Taliban-claimed January 27 attack near a public hospital, in which over 100 people got killed, was "Afghanistan's 9/11". No group claimed responsibility but the Taliban were suspected.

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Almost 2,300 civilians were killed or wounded in suicide bombings and attacks in Afghanistan in 2017, more than any previous year of the conflict on record, a United Nations report said Thursday.

"The chilling statistics in this report provide credible data about the war's impact, but the figures alone can not capture the appalling human suffering inflicted on ordinary people, especially women and children", said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the United Nations special representative for Afghanistan.

The Trump is yet to unveil a strategy for Afghanistan but U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis on Monday said they were very close to reveling one, reports said.

The Taliban wrote on Wednesday, to the American people that they wanted to end Afghanistan's 17-year battle, however, stated that the message should not be seen as a sign of weakness and fight against U.S. forces would go on.

In a recent visit to eastern Afghanistan, General John Nicholson, who commands the US and NATO's Resolute Support mission in the Afghanistan, said the intensified USA offensive is producing results. The militants have responded with attacks in Kabul in the past few weeks, killing almost 150 people. "It may be a case of the Taliban trying to earn some legitimacy and goodwill by playing the role of good guy and proposing nonviolent solutions", said Michael Kugelman, a senior analyst for South Asia at the Wilson Center, in Washington.

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An unidentified spokesperson for the U.S. State Department reportedly responded to the peace-seeking letter, saying the ball is in the Taliban's court to end their violent terror campaign.

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