Pennsylvania sees slight decline in flu cases, state health officials say

The Flu is Killing Up to 4,000 Americans a WeekMore

The Flu is Killing Up to 4,000 Americans a WeekMore

It's not too late to get a flu shot.

Influenza is a contagious respiratory disease that may lead to serious complications, hospitalization, or even death.

A recent map from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services shows high levels of the virus throughout most of the state, though a yellow patch in southeast Wisconsin could mean the worst is yet to come for this area.

Hospital emergency rooms are being inundated during this flu season and are having to add extra staff and resources to handle the cases. "However, some protection is better than none", Dr. Schuchat said.

"(This year's) vaccine is possibly not for exactly the same brand of flu that we're getting here, but it never is", he said. The CDC uses this data to determine the timing and intensity of flu activity.

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Bellone: "We ask residents to obtain immunization against the flu to protect not only themselves but others".

"The vaccine is not as good of a match for that particular strain this year, so the virus can mutate and it can tend to have the vaccine be less effective and therefore more flu gets spread around", Rubin said.

The campaign reminds community members to be diligent about washing their hands, avoid sharing personal items with others and staying home for at least 24 hours if any symptoms are present.

Sophomore discipleship ministry major Madison Hyde said she could personally see the difference in the flu this season.

An 82-year-old Sussex County man died from the flu last week, state health officials said.

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Cuyahoga County Health Commissioner Terry Allan said, "We know right now that some people are reporting they're having some difficulty finding the vaccine; it's important they continue searching".

The CDC reported flu viruses are most common during fall and winter, beginning around October and peaking between December and February. Further only 31 percent of the babies over 6 months that died of flue had received the flu vaccines.

While Influenza A H3N2 viruses are the dominant strain this season, an increasing proportion of B viruses are circulating (30 percent), as well as a smaller increase in the proportion of H1N1 viruses.

It comes after four deaths in New York City from the flu this season. The H3N2 flu strain is infecting the most patients. "We're getting used to it", Marchetti said.

Individuals infected with the influenza virus typically experience symptoms including fever, chills, cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches, headaches, and fatigue. "I'm still advising people to get the flu shots. we're still giving them here".

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