Ex-beauty queen with rare condition wakes up with British accent

Arizona resident Michelle Myers has a condition doctors have identified as Foreign Accent Syndrome. After blinding headaches she has woken up with different accents three different times in the past seven years

Former American beauty queen mysteriously woke up with British accent - but has never been abroad

The mom (or "mummy", as one of her daughters now calls her) and former Texas beauty queen has had three accent changes in the past, she told ABC15. The first time she woke with an Irish accent and the second time she sounded Australian, with each episode lasting for around a week.

But her British accent is still going strong since 2015, when she went to sleep with a blinding and immobilizing headache and awakened a changed woman.

Meyers wants to make clear she's not faking it or insane.

Myers said this has happened to her a couple of times, and that her accents have run the Anglophone gamut, dipping into Australian and Irish for two week periods.

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Myers also suffers from a condition known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which could be linked with her transient accents, according to Daily News.

Doctors have diagnosed the woman, who has seven children, with Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS).

But, supported by family and friends, Michelle has now come to terms with sounding English and realises it is just her voice and not her personality, or achievements, that has changed. "When I was a little girl I used to always go to my mom and say, 'my bones hurt", she said.

FAS was first documented in 1907, when French neurologist Pierre Marie surveyed a Parisian man who suffered a stroke and suddenly spoke with an Alsatian accent, although he was not from the French-German border region where the language is spoken.

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The 45-year-old said doctors diagnosed her with FAS, likely a side-effect from a hemiplegic migraine, which is similar to a stroke. She also likes painting, writing, and motivating people. "Rare diseases are very emotional".

Above all, she wants people to take her seriously saying: "Some people think it's physiological; others think it's psychological".

Myers' chief concern is that she be taken seriously by those in her life.

"The person I am now has been through so much, compared to the person here". "And if I say odd things like 'I'm just going to the loo, ' it's really weird, as I sound just like a Brit".

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She continued: "I have some wonderful family and friends, who've helped me to realise I'm still the same person - I just sound different". It cleared itself up shortly thereafter, but a subsequent stroke sent her into a spiral of different accents that each last just weeks.

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