Snapchat-Like Stories Arrive in Google Mobile Search Results

Bringing the power of AMP to Gmail - The Keyword

Google brings AMP Stories to Google Search to deliver visually rich content

While AMP Stories is designed by Google, the concept itself was greatly influenced by a group of publishers looking to add flavor to AMP.

AMP stories is all about encouraging new forms of expression and storytelling, so we expect most publishers to not be already publishing this kind of content out on the web now.

Announced by the company today, AMP Stories are now available in developer preview form to websites already using AMP. They're supposed to deliver "immersive" stories to mobile readers across a range of content categories.

"Xiaomi launches 55" smart Mi LED TV 4
The rear panel of the phone is made out of aluminum while the top and bottom ends are plastic, accented by antenna bands. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Price in India is Rs. 9,999 for base 3GB RAM variant and Rs. 11,999 for 4GB + 64GB model.

In what can only be described as an upgrade, Google started working on "Stamp" (stories plus AMP) earlier this year, and it looks like we'll get to see it go live on our devices soon.

The company explained that other email platforms will be able to integrate the technology.

Unveiled today, Google said its new AMP story format was developed with the help of publishing partners such as CNN, Mashable, Vox Post, and The Washington Post. There are no ads in AMP stories, which hints towards a distraction-free tool for Google users. For now, though, this is only a preview that is meant to give developers and publishers time to support this new format.

Reply wants to add Smart Replies to all your messaging apps
For example, if a message like "We're waiting for you!" comes in, Reply can get your attention and ask you to respond. No release date is now known, but users can fill out a form for a chance to beta test the feature.

Google envisions developers using AMP in Gmail will embed widgets that constantly update, allowing users to interact with content without leaving their inbox. Sahney cites the example of a contractor who can't see a client's online calendar being able to send email with an embedded questionnaire to find out when that client is available. Google aims to make the whole process easy for publishers with layout templates, standardized UI controls, and components for sharing and adding follow-on content.

It is also not clear how Google will keep AMP Stories from different brands in search and how publishers will get their place in it. The truth of the matter is, email can be more interactive-it should offer you an avenue to do just more than sending and receiving mails.

Players Pinterest, and Doodle are developing some of these experiences for Gmail users with AMP for Email.

Eminent Pak human rights activist Asma passes away
Nobel prize victor Malala Yousafzai remarked: "Heartbroken that we lost Asma Jahangir - a saviour of democracy and human rights ". While condolences poured in from all sections, there was a section on people who condemned her even after she passed away.

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