Apple to Charge $279 to Repair Out of Warranty HomePod

The Apple Home Pod goes on sale this month overseas but not in New Zealand

Apple The Apple Home Pod goes on sale this month overseas but not in New Zealand

From this perspective, uninsured Apple users basically get a discount on a like-new HomePod.

HomePod does stack favorably on price against the $399 Google Home Max speaker with the Google Assistant that I reviewed positively in December.

A slew of reviews for Apple's new smart speaker HomePod dropped on Tuesday, and they all come to the same conclusion: It's good - if you can afford it and only use Apple products such as the iPhone and services such as Apple Music.

When Siri isn't playing Apple Music mixologist, the virtual assistant can also answer questions.

With this being central to the speaker systems, each assistant is more than adequate, but each carries its own advantages and disadvantages.

So can Siri take on Alexa? Building on the artificial intelligence capabilities that Google has promoted so strongly recently, it is disappointing that the Google Assistant has a smaller number of actions available compared to the Amazon system.

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"The HomePod is designed for someone with 100% Apple product buy-in, who lives in the iOS/Mac ecosystem, who subscribes to Apple Music, and who just wants basic smart speaker features", writes Nguyen at Buzzfeed.

Entering the smart speaker market where the likes of and already operate, Apple's HomePod that comprises a high-excursion woofer equipped with a custom-engineered amplifier, an array of seven tweeters - each of which has its own amplifier and a transducer, and six microphones. Until now, Google Home Max was the sweetest sounding smart speaker I've listened to.

Apple's Audio Lab, where the HomePod was developed.

Digital interaction is another key area of the Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo vs. Google Home war, and again one that the Amazon device deals with particularly capably.

Not all offices feature conference room telephones (which can cost $1,000 or more), and even those that do often find attendees holding impromptu conference calls by placing an iPhone on top of the table and enabling the iPhone's speakerphone mode.

Of course, these devices need to be compatible with Apple's Home service, in the first place.

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It's worth noting smart speakers launched by these brands are mainly based on speech recognition of English.

Voice recognition is obviously critical in any Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo vs. Google Home comparison, and it will be disappointing for potential Apple consumers that Siri is somewhat behind the other two intelligent operating systems here as well.

Apple's HomePod hits stores on Friday, but Sonos, which makes competing smart speakers, isn't sweating it.

Despite the impressive music set-up, the HomePod does have some limitations.

Check out the full Sonos playlist here and here's how HomePod stacks up with Sonos speakers. There isn't any reason to pay $200 extra for a device that doesn't entirely work, just yet.

Two weeks ago, Apple invited me to a "listening party" for its new HomePod speaker in downtown Manhattan.

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HomePod is significantly more expensive than its smart speaker rivals, costing £319 compared to £74.99 for the Amazon Echo and £129 for the Google Home.

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