Shooting at Los Angeles Middle School an Accident, Police Say

Police responded to a report of a shooting at Sal Castro Middle School on Feb. 1 2018

Police responded to a report of a shooting at Sal Castro Middle School on Feb. 1 2018

Five persons were injured in a classroom shooting at Salvador Castro Middle School in the USA city of Los Angeles, officials said.

Two students have been injured in a shooting at a Los Angeles middle school.

The most seriously injured victim - a 15-year-old boy - was shot in the left temple and rushed to Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center.

It was not immediately known how the shooter was able to get the gun on campus, Bernal said, noting that the school conducts random weapon checks.

A 15-year-old boy was shot in the head but doctors say he'll recover. The bullet went through the wrist of the girl and struck the boy in the head, the LAPD said.

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According to the Daily Mail, a 12-year-old girl was arrested in connection with a shooting at Salvador Castro Middle School in Los Angeles on February 1.

"As a parent, this is everyone's worst-case nightmare - a worst-case scenario and a nightmare for all of us", Robert Arcos, commanding officer of the Los Angeles Police Department's Operations-Central Bureau, told reporters Thursday.

"The school has been declared safe at this point".

The shooting was reported to police Thursday at 8:55 a.m.

On Friday morning, anxious parents accompanied their children to the school as classes resumed.

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The girl was taken into custody minutes after the shooting.

"I'm bringing her here to the school alive, and I don't know what will happen to her between now and when she comes home", Segura said. He said investigators would present their case Friday to the district attorney's office for filing consideration. "There is no more safety threat to the students of this school".

Thursday's shooting in Los Angeles is one of the earliest grade-school level school shootings of the year, amid increasing concerns over gun violence on campuses nationwide. Some schools failed to do the searches daily, the audit found. One-fourth lacked enough metal-detecting wands to search properly.The district started random searches in 1993 after a 16-year-old was shot and killed at Fairfax High School.

At an informal presentation in January of good-attendance certificates, Principal Erick Mitchell said his campus was becoming a destination for families who wanted a smaller school setting.

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