Iran: 29 women arrested after protests against hijab rule intensify


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Police in Tehran arrested 29 women for disturbing public security during a protest against Iran's mandatory hijab law.

Iranian police said on Thursday that 29 women had been arrested for protesting the country's compulsory hijab rules, the private Tasnim news agency reported.

However, Holly Dagres, an Iranian-American analyst, said Iranian authorities are "very much aware" that more than half of the population is against wearing the hijab. Since the video of her protest went viral, Iranian women have been sharing pictures of themselves waving their headscarves from sticks in a public act of defiance.

The woman, named "girl of Enghelab street" after the location of her protest, was filmed without her headscarf, while standing on a pillar box in Tehran last December.

Police in Iran seemed to take an indirect shot at Alinejad's campaign on Thursday, saying the 29 arrested women were "tricked" into removing their hijabs by a propaganda campaign spread by Iranians living overseas, the private news agency Tasnim reported.

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On Saturday, a video of a young woman taking off her hijab in Iran in front of a Basij base (Islamic Revolutionary Guard's Morality Police) emerged.

"The Iranian police announced in 2014 that they have warned, arrested or sent to court almost 3.6 million women because of having bad hijab", Masih Alinejad, a US-based journalist and activist, told The Guardian.

The image of the woman spread on social media. The bail for one of the women detained this week has been set at $100,000, a lawyer told AFP. The footage shows Mohaved waving her white hijab defiantly from the end of a pole, her black hair flowing uncovered.

A growing number of women in Iran have been removing their hijabs and waving them on a stick to protest the Iranian law.

"The movement started inside Iran".

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Hijab has a complicated history in Iran.

Women have been required to wear the hijab since he Islamic Revolution in 1979. It's about choice and equality. "It is a prelude to infringing all their rights", she said.

Hardline officials have said the protesters were responsible for those deaths, while the government has said some of the dead committed suicide, a claim that has been angrily rejected by government critics.

She added that when it comes to women's rights in Iran, amendments to the marriage and divorce laws need greater attention.

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