Breast cancer treatments can raise heart risks, doctors warn

Some breast cancer therapies could cause heart issues

Some breast cancer therapies could cause heart issues

Furthermore, some treatments used in patients with breast cancer can have a negative impact on cardiovascular health.

Furthermore, women who have had breast cancer are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than women without a history of breast cancer.

Yet "one of the well-known treatments to potentially cause heart problems are anthracyclines", she said of chemotherapy drugs.

Identifying at-risk patients is crucial.

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It goes on to recommend strategies to minimise the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with breast cancer.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology also now has guidelines in place for oncologists to consider regarding chemotherapy drugs and heart health, Rhee said. Delivery methods, such as doxorubicin as an intravenous infusion instead of a bolus dose, or liposomal formulations of doxorubicin compared to standard preparations, may preserve the efficacy of therapy while reducing the incidence of cardiotoxicity.

Statement author and cardiologist Dr. Laxmi Mehta and colleagues wrote that cancer treatment can result in a wide range of heart damage, including left ventricular systolic dysfunction; overt heart failure; hypertension; arrhythmias; myocardial ischemia; valvular disease; thromboembolic disease; pulmonary hypertension; and pericarditis.

Although deaths from prostate cancer have been rising over the past 10 years or so, the mortality rate or the proportion of men dying from the disease has fallen - by 6% - between 2010 and 2015.

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Early detection and improved treatments for breast cancer are increasing patients' life spans, but that also means there will be more survivors who are at increased odds of developing CVD. "And that's why Life's Simple 7 is important for all patients with and without breast cancer".

Among the chemotherapies used in breast cancer that may compromise cardiac function, doxorubicin - or Adriamycin - and trastuzumab, also known as Herceptin. More studies will need to be done to confirm whether the results of the smaller studies are seen in larger groups of patients. Trying to remove yourself from these at-risk brackets by altering your lifestyle could help with prevention. Beta-blockers, aspirin and statins are all familiar drugs that can reduce the risk of both illnesses, and certain non-medical treatments, like exercise, can make a big difference, too. Healthcare providers should monitor a woman's heart health before, during and after breast cancer treatment.

Despite the alarming figures, the charity added the shift does not represent a worsening situation for prostate cancer and men diagnosed today are two-and-a-half times more likely to live for 10 years or more than if they were diagnosed in 1990. But women may benefit from a new approach to treatment that weighs the benefits of specific therapies against potential damage to the heart.

Other treatments, such as radiation, can damage heart arteries and cause the development of coronary artery disease or blockages.

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Neelima Denduluri, a medical oncologist in Arlington, Virginia, said that increasingly doctors are tailoring treatments to the individual and that doctors don't have to choose between life-saving cancer therapies and cardio health.

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