WWE's Owner Just Relaunched His Alternative Football League, The XFL

The XFL is set to return in 2020.
Here then-future Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Tommy Maddox of the Los Angeles Xtreme holds the league championship trophy in the air after Los Angeles beat the San Francisco Demons 38-6


Four years later NBC paid $3 billion to get back into the NFL. McMahon is especially leaning towards mobile devices, "we will be available on mobile devices and everything in between". "Not reinvent", he said in an interview last week.

Although Manziel is only 25 years old, it appears his days of playing in any professional football league are over. That wasn't always the case the first time the XFL existed.

McMahon insisted that he has learned from his previous experience running a football league and will place a heavy emphasis on the quality of play.

"The national anthem is a time-honored tradition", he said. The league fizzled quickly as interest faded after week one despite some interesting new takes on the rules of the game including allowing players to wear nicknames on their jerseys, no kicks allowed for extra points and a face-off style scrum for the ball to determine who wins the coin flip.

While Vince McMahon does have a connection and past business partnership to President Trump, the XFL will stay politic-neutral.

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Trump has hosted wrestling events at his properties and has been involved in the showmanship, once shaving McMahon's head in the middle of a ring.

Alpha Entertainment, a company founded by McMahon in 2017, announced in a press conference Thursday afternoon it's the return of the Xtreme Football League in 2020.

McMahon also floated in-game innovations as part of his desire to keep game times at no more than two hours.

"Democrat, Republican, Independent, I don't care, and no one should", said McMahon. "But I'm sure we would find a way". Player safety now is a primary concern in pro football. WWE's biggest show, "WrestleMania", has become a yearly spectacle, nine different National Football League stadiums have hosted the event since 2007: Mercedes-Benz SuperDome (New Orleans), AT&T Stadium (Dallas), Levi's Stadium (San Francisco), MetLife Stadium (New York), Hard Rock Stadium (Miami), Georgia Dome (Atlanta), University of Phoenix Stadium (Arizona), NRG Stadium (Houston) and Ford Field (Detroit). Alpha Entertainment confirmed the conference.

As for the actual details of the league, only the outline is visible. The XFL will launch with eight teams, 40-man active rosters and a 10-week regular-season schedule. Postseason will consist of two semifinal games and one championship game. McMahon suggested that games would be much shorter and the rules simpler. They want quality humans as well as quality players.

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Vince said he has had this plan for sometime now.

For wrestling fans curious to see if WWE personalities such as John Cena or Jim Ross will crossover to the XFL in some capacity, McMahon adamantly said that there will be no such crossover between WWE and the XFL.

According to CBS, "WWE founder and chairman Vince McMahon is set to announce that he will make another attempt at starting a professional football league", sources told ESPN.

In its original run, the XFL marketed itself as football the way it was meant to be played.

There are "so many more opportunities that were never there before", said McMahon.

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