Game Developers Conference Survey Contains Positive Findings For Nintendo Switch

Switch Sees Positive Growth at GDC 2018

Nintendo Switch games 2018: Has the best news just been announced?

16 percent shared that their games have sold less on Switch than other consoles. It's also available in 2D through the Virtual Console service.

PC and mobile are still the most popular platforms for gamemakers, but development is slipping in the latter: 32 percent of respondents say their game is headed to mobile, vs 35 percent in 2017.

This year marks the sixth year of the State of the Industry Survey of Game Developers Conference, which gives everyone a taste of what developers think and prefer when designing or programming a video game.

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Initially the survey showed that the number of developers working on Switch increased compared to previous year, because in 2017 - before the launch of the console - 3% of respondents are working on it and 5% planned to publish their games on the hybrid system, but in 2018 12% of the respondents are working on the console and 15% have planned to launch their games on it. In 2017, 24 of respondents said they were working on a VR game, while only 19 percent are working on one in 2018. It's a pretty interesting snapshot too, especially when the most current statistics are compared to the previous year's.

That's up from 3% in 2017 and there were even more positive results noted from among developers looking to the future.

"This is a big deal for Nintendo, given that in our surveys respondents typically favor PC, mobile, PS4, and Xbox One". And, when asked which platforms (if any) interested them most, 36 percent answered Nintendo Switch - placing below PC (59 percent) and PlayStation 4 (39 percent), but above Xbox One (28 percent).

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But while interest in Switch is growing, PlayStation 4 remains the primary console on which developers are focusing their attention.

Which platform (s) are you currently/anticipating developing games for?

The 2018 Game Developers Conference, an annual gathering of industry professionals, is set to take place in San Francisco in just two months.

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