Trump Says He Called CEO Tim Cook After Apple Announced US Jobs

Apple accelerates US investment and job creation

Apple Inc. (AAPL) brings $252 billion back to US under Trump's new tax code

Cook also said Wednesday the company will bring back the "vast majority" of the $250 billion Apple now has in overseas holdings and invest the money in more US facilities.

The company did not say how big the second campus would be, or how numerous additional 20,000 workers that it plans to hire would be based there.

President Donald Trump praised Apple on Wednesday after the company announced it is adding 20,000 over the next five years.

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For years Apple Inc. has been criticized for outsourcing manufacturing to China. Cook also believes that a company like Apple could only have been founded in America and they have a responsibility to give back to the country, "one of the ways to do that is to create jobs", said Cook. That's going to be a attractive plant.' They said, 'No, it's three-hundred and fifty billion dollars.' And I just called Tim Cook and I thanked him.

Less than 2 years ago, Trump said on the campaign trail that his supporters should boycott Apple products, because of the company's stance on encryption in a terrorism investigation. "They're gonna build plants, they're gonna build a big campus, they're really going to town, so we want to thank Apple".

"I promised that my policies would allow companies like Apple to bring massive amounts of money back to the United States", Trump said on Twitter after the speech. Apple had to build the facility to quality for all its $89 million in tax abatements negotiated with state and local governments. "Huge win for American workers and the US!"

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Over the last decade, Apple has invested billions of dollars in data centers and co-located facilities in seven USA states, including North Carolina, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and a recently announced project in Iowa.

As for Cook, the CEO admitted in an ABC News interview that aired on Wednesday evening that the new tax system is making it easier for Apple to repatriate its overseas cash.

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