Panic as alert unnerves Hawaii

Hawaiians horrified by false alarm of incoming missile attack

Missile threat text alert sent in error after employee pushed wrong button

"The intention of the call was kind of, say my goodbyes and if this was it, then I wanted to be talking to them as it happened, so it was really terrifying", said Apodaca.

It was a terror-stricken 38 minutes for tens of thousands of people in Hawaii who received a horrifying warning on their cellphones, TVs and radios suggesting their worst fears had become reality - a ballistic missile was on its way.

The false alert was reportedly sent out when an. POTUS is an abbreviation for President of the United States, emphasizing the plea from Gooch to US President Donald Trump amid tense US-North Korean relations.

Thirty-eight long minutes later, the Hawaiian Emergency Management Agency sent an update saying the alert was made in error.

"Hawaii - this is a false alarm", U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard said on her Twitter account.

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Many people said they are resigned to the fact that there is little they can actually do if a missile was to be launched toward the remote island chain, especially with only about 15 minutes of warning time for a strike from North Korea.

"It was a bit jarring for sure", she said of the experience.

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission says it appears the government of Hawaii didn't have reasonable safeguards in place that would have prevented the transmission of the false alert. "It should not have happened", Mr Miyagi said.

In a separate tweet after confirmation that the alert was sent in error, Peterson wrote: "Man".

"There is no missile threat or danger to the State of Hawaii".

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Even hours after the false alert was sent, the islands were still reacting to the earlier scare.

Hawaii US Senator Brian Schatz tweeted the false alarm was "totally inexcusable" and was caused by human error.

Bader, 33, a veterinarian who lives in Kapolei, Hawaii, had just awoken and gotten a cup of coffee when the alert came on his cellphone. "There is nothing more important to Hawaii than professionalizing and fool-proofing this process".

Immediately she went to wake up her two kids to find shelter in her home.

"My wife, she looked out the hallways and we're just hearing people running, we're hearing little kids crying, parents are just hustling you can tell people were like in a state of shock", Benavides said. The state had recently reintroduced the Cold War-era warning siren tests last month.

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