Chatham House: Nuclear weapons are vulnerable to cyber attacks

The US Plans To Loosen Rules On When It Can Use Nukes, So Seeya Later Y'All

Donald Trump Administration Plans to Develop More Usable Nuclear Weapons, Loosen Restrictions

"Moreover, a system, that is compromised can not be trusted in decision-making".

Mr Wolfsthal told the newspaper that he had seen a copy of the final draft of the NPR which proposed the creation of the new weapon as well as revising the terms of use for weapons which would include attacks against national infrastructure or nuclear sites.

Meanwhile, U.S. media have been exercised by comments by Ri Son-kwon, who led the North Korean delegation to cross-border talks on Tuesday and said the North's nuclear weapons and missiles are trained chiefly on the U.S.

"Early in the Chatham House report, the authors note, "Nuclear weapons systems were first developed at a time when computer capabilities were in their infancy and little consideration was given to potential malicious cyber vulnerabilities, '" Habibi said".

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"The likelihood of attempted cyber-attacks on nuclear weapons systems is relatively high and increasing from advanced persistent threats from states and non-state groups", the report said.

"The report cited that in April past year the USA could have crashed the supply chain of North Korea's missile system that contributed to a test failure".

"It should be noted that the US Trident D5 missile is used on the submarines of Britain's Trident nuclear weapons system". This unknown could have implications for military decision-making, particularly for decisions affecting nuclear weapons deterrence policies.

'At times of heightened tension, cyber attacks on nuclear weapons systems could cause an escalation, which results in their use.

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"We can not stand idly by as Donald Trump holds us all hostage to his petulant mood swings", said Dr. Bruce Blair, a veteran nuclear launch officer and co-founder of the Global Zero movement to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Researchers Dr Beyza Unal and Dr Patricia Lewis, the report's authors, warned that the key targets for cyberattacks could be communications as well as the transfer and storage of data. These should incorporate an analysis of a combination of threats, vulnerabilities and consequences.

Secretary of defence at the time of the last review, Robert Gates, said then: "The NPR provides a road map for implementing President Obama's agenda for reducing nuclear risks to the United States, our allies and partners and the global community". "The final draft drops proposals to develop a nuclear hyper-glide weapon, and to remove assurances to non-nuclear weapons states that the USA will not use its nuclear arsenal against them". "Academia and civil society should be encouraged to bring this issue to the attention of their government".

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