Visitor restrictions continue at hospital

Big jump in the number of flu cases across the country this season

HEALTH & FITNESSBig jump in the number of flu cases across the country this season Email none

The flu vaccine reduces the risk of illness by 40 percent to 60 percent when the circulating flu virus is like the vaccine viruses, according to the CDC. "We have individuals that do not get vaccinated that end up in the hospital ICU due to complications, severe complications".

Addressing concerns about a shortage of flu vaccine and antiviral medications reported this weekend throughout California, state health officials said they have worked with drug manufacturers to ensure they have enough pharmaceuticals for the state.

Jill Baber, influenza surveillance coordinator with the Division of Disease Control with the state, said eight cases have resulted in death, and two of those were in the state's northeast quadrant.

As of November 2017, the influenza vaccination coverage among pregnant women before and during pregnancy was 35.6 percent. the survey said.

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"If you are sick, if you are ill, you need to stay home until your doctor says that it is safe for you to return and not be contagious to those around you".

Each flu season, flu causes millions of illnesses, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands or sometimes tens of thousands of deaths.

Even the flu-related deaths can be undercounted because they are not always attributed as such.

Doctors say the reason for this is an especially severe strain of H3N2, and a vaccine that's only mildly effective. He said it's only cold weather that can be connected to more illnesses. Symptoms start 1 to 4 days after the virus enters the body. "It's the worst strain". Children are more likely to get sick and spread viruses.

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A report from the first week of the year shows a rise of flu cases, though experts make a distinction between the influenza virus and similar illnesses, since the majority of patients are never tested for influenza.

The restrictions, which are being implemented at all GHS hospitals, will continue until flu season subsides.

No one in Kern County had died of the flu through January 4, but three were hospitalized, Kern County Public Health Director Matt Constantine said at a morning press conference addressing the local impact of influenza. Appointments must be made to receive flu vaccines, and are now being scheduled at the clinic on East Main Street. "Don't go to work or the gym-you'll become a spreader", Dr. Schaffner says. She said that manufacturers hadn't stocked up in time.

Have we peaked or is it getting worse? . After getting the shot, people should still wash their hands regularly, " Tiffany added. Find out what's changed and if we're still at risk for a deadly pandemic. "It gets really complicated really fast", she said.

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