US Teacher Handcuffed During Board Meeting For Questioning Boss's Raise

Teacher Forcibly Removed from Meeting After Questioning Superintendent Raise

US Teacher Handcuffed During Board Meeting For Questioning Boss's Raise

A TV news camera crew captured the moment a teacher from Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, was arrested during a school board meeting Monday night, and multiple recordings of the incident have spread quickly on social media.

She was called on twice during the public comments section of the meeting and was told it was not a time for Ms Hargrave's several questions regarding teachers' salaries.

It is unclear if the security officer was ordered to arrest Hargrave and remove her from the meeting.

A freaky incident at a school board meeting in Louisiana Monday night after a teacher is removed from the meeting in handcuffs. A teacher's union lawyer is investigating, and while teachers were at work Tuesday, a School Board member says there is talk of a strike.

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Based on her face and the faces of those around her, there appeared to be tensions between those sitting in the crowd and the school board as teacher pay and salaries were being discussed.

Hargrave, her school, Puyau, Fontana, and the city marshal's office did not respond to BuzzFeed News's request for comment.

"I have a serious issue with a superintendent or any person of leadership getting any type of raise", Hargrave said during the meeting.

Fontana, who voted in favor of the final contract, said the board employs a city marshal to provide security during meetings. She has since bonded out.

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Teacher Deyshia Hargrave spoke up during public comment and said, "You're making our jobs more hard".

Hargrave yelled as the officer picked her up from the floor and pushed her towards an exit, commanding her to "stop resisting".

Her removal did not go unnoticed, and one female board member said, "What happened here tonight".

With the board seemingly uninterested in answering the educator's concerns, an Abbeville city marshal then charged into view, confronted the woman, and demanded she leave the crowded meeting.

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