Alligators Stick Noses Out Above Frozen Water During Hibernation

Video shows alligators surviving frigid, freezing North Carolina water by keeping their nostrils in the air

Alligators Stick Noses Out Above Frozen Water During Hibernation

Alligators have a unique way of surviving cold weather - and a video captured exactly how they do it.

These alligators look like they're stuck in frozen water, but their noses surfaced to the top right before the water became ice.

Experts also believe if someone mistakenly steps on these creatures, while they are frozen, the animals are most likely not going to react.

After nearly being eradicated in the early 20th century, alligators have made a comeback in North Carolina. But unlike mammals that hibernate, gators don't go into a deep sleep. "This is where a reptile's metabolism slows down dramatically and will go into a lethargic state".

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"(It's) just an absolute awesome survival technique and these guys were built tough millions of years ago and they remain tough today", Howard said.

"This is the time of year when they're just hanging out and waiting for it to get warm", says the person narrating the video.

"Obviously, that is not optimal, being frozen like that", he said.

"I looked around and I was like 'hmmm what is that poking up out of the water?' They nearly look like cypress trees a little bit from afar".

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Well, here's something you truly don't see every day. alligators living in ice!

But fear not, animal lovers.

Experts from the Shallotte River Swamp Park explained how it's all possible. Temperatures at the park have warmed up lately, freeing the gators from the icy pond. "They're out and doing their happy dance".

Have you ever wondered how alligators survive in the winter?

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