Trump dissolving his commission on election integrity

Success! Trump’s Bogus Election Integrity Commission Is Over

Success! Trump’s Bogus Election Integrity Commission Is Over tweet

Trump established the commission in May to research "improper" voter registration procedures, systemic vulnerabilities and voting irregularities including any scenario where a person ineligible to vote becomes an eligible voter in a particular jurisdiction. As Kansas's Secretary of State, Kobach five unconfirmed cases of non-citizens voting to effectively halt the applications of one-seventh of all voter registrations.

A White House statement on Trump's order blamed numerous states for refusing to provide voter information.

Trump signed an executive order late Wednesday disbanding the election integrity commission, saying he didn't want to waste taxpayer money fighting with state governments over their voter data.

Neither the commision or the White House ever produced evidence to substantiate Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud.

President Donald Trump strongly endorsed a national voter identification law Thursday, repeating his claim that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election.

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Democrats continue to scream that there's no evidence of voter fraud. "President Trump can dissolve the commission, but the law doesn't allow him or the commission to slink away from view and avoid accountability".

"Lags in updating databases once people attain citizenship plus poor matching procedures can dramatically inflate allegations of noncitizen voting, perhaps enough to please Trump", tweeted University of Florida political scientist Michael McDonald.

Mr. Trump did not acknowledge the commission's inability to find evidence of fraud, but cast the closing as a result of continuing legal challenges.

Now, she said, activists must "remain vigilant". Many states have refused to cooperate.

"Trump's "'Election Integrity' commission was built to encourage and enable voter suppression", tweeted Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Cal., top Democrat in the House.

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Levitt also noted that voter ID laws, such as those promoted by Trump, have blocked thousands of people from voting in the states that put them in place.

Leaders from dozens of states including Democratic-leaning bastions such as NY and Trump-won Republican states such as Texas, either refused to comply with the commission requests completely or rejected them in part citing privacy laws. "To the extent that they are now hoping to conduct their activities shrouded in secrecy, that's deeply troubling", says Clarke.

"The commission's entire objective was to legitimize voter suppression", Vanita Gupta, president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and former head of the Justice Departments Civil Rights Division, told the Times.

"Just because the election commission is no longer in existence, we are going to send the preliminary findings from the commission to the Department of Homeland Security and make determinations on the best way forward from that point", she told reporters Thursday. Indeed, during the Obama administration DHS warned states about using the SAVE database to remove voters from the rolls.

The commission's vice chairman, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, said the work done by DHS is likely to be less public.

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