ESPN host: 'Trump's af***ing stupid person'

ESPN host: 'Trump's af***ing stupid person'

ESPN host: 'Trump's af***ing stupid person'

ESPN has opted to give host Katie Nolan a warning rather than a suspension for her vulgar comments this week about President Donald Trump.

Unlike their decision with Jemele Hill, a rep for ESPN told that leading sports network will not be suspending Katie Nolan for her comments.

When Desus Nice pointed out that Trump frequently makes a thumbs up gesture, Nolan burst out with a string of bleeped out expletives, which she then amends to, 'that's because he's a f*****g stupid person'.

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The Nolan brouhaha is just the latest in a litany of bad press for the sports network. And the Emmy-winning Nolan, who joined ESPN from rival Fox Sports three months ago, was clearly having fun.

"I'm on a lot of meds right now", she said on the show immediately after blurting out the insult. That policy stems from the controversy surrounding Jemele Hill, who called Trump a white supremacist on Twitter and was later suspended for discussing a boycott of the National Football League advertisers.

Nolan hosts digital shows for ESPN, including the Snapchat version of "SportsCenter" and a podcast.

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But Nolan's comments don't technically violate the social media guidelines since they were not delivered on social media.

While Nolan's comments occured on a talk show and not on Twitter or Facebook, her attempt to quickly explain away her outburst may have been due in part to ESPN's social media guidelines for journalists. That led to a back-and-forth between the president and ESPN.

Trump called for Hill to be fired, which ESPN declined to do.

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