Is this why FCC chairman Ajit Pai canceled his CES appearance?

I hate this man

I hate this man

Recently, Pai was forced to cut his speech on why he thinks repealing net neutrality rules is a good thing for consumers and the country because of a bomb threat at agency headquarters.

However, two unnamed agency sources told Recode that Pai canceled his appearance after receiving death threats. The Commission is in the process of editing the final repeal order, and the wording of that repeal order could possibly end up helping Pai and the FCC combat those upcoming lawsuits. He had to halt his controversial vote to scrap the USA government's net neutrality rules in December after a bomb threat.

Due to the intense debate surrounding internet regulations imposed under the Obama administration'sa FCC in 2015, which were couched as a vague principle called "net neutrality", Pai and the FCC have been engulfed in a stormy situation in the past year.

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The sources told Recode that federal law enforcement became involved in checking out the threats against Pai.

For now, Democratic Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and Republican Commissioners Michael O'Rielly and Brendan Carr each plan to attend CES.

This isn't the first time FCC officials have received threats related to the move.

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That vote later took place on 15 December. Pai has been widely criticized after his FCC voted to roll back net neutrality legislation that protected consumers.

Pai has previously said net neutrality were "a mistake" and he favoured a 'light touch" regime of regulation that would "not stifle innovation'. Making matters worse, Pai's talking points regarding the benefits of eradicating net neutrality often amounted to clumsily vague promises about increased innovation. Businesses could also be restricted in their use of some cloud services. Either way the big ISPs would probably do best not to start rolling out overtly non-neutral services and restrictions just yet (or even at all) lest they provide more ready ammunition for the municipal broadband advocates.

But the FCC vote does faces legal challenges, including one led by New York's attorney general, Eric Schneiderman.

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