Apple Loses "Steve Jobs" Trademark To Italian Clothing Maker

“Steve Jobs” trademark now belongs to an Italian fashion startup

Apple Loses "Steve Jobs" Trademark To Italian Clothing Maker

According to La Repubblica Napoli (via The Verge), the brothers in 2012 noticed Steve Jobs' name was not trademarked by Apple, so they chose to start their own clothing and accessory company named after the co-founder.

For those who thought Steve Jobs only refers to the flamboyant Apple CEO who also created the iPhone along with so much more are in for a pleasant surprise, there is also a clothing line going by the same name.

Of course, Apple made a decision to sue them over the trademark and lost their fight in court. But then, there is a chunk bitten off of it just as with the Apple logo.

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According to Italian-language website la Repubblica Napoli, brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato noticed in 2012 that Apple had never secured the trademark for the name of its most prominent co-founder. Why isn't Steve Jobs name even trademarked?

As things would stand right now, the Barbato brother's trademark prevails over that of Apple. An Italian judge ruled the letter "J" isn't edible like an apple is, so the brothers and their trademark won in court.

The two Italians told Business Insider Italia that they also plan on making electronics with the Steve Jobs name with a Chinese brand, but won't reveal what kind just yet.

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The story begins in 2012 when the two Neapolitan entrepreneurs registered the brand "Steve Jobs" with a logo comprising a large J with a bite taken out of it. "The letter J seems 'bitten, ' but it is not, since a letter, as judges have also decided, can not be bitten", they said (translated by Google).

The pair say they are now determined to continue working on products under the Steve Jobs brand, with plans to launch bags, t-shirts, jeans and other fashion accessories.

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