Chilly weather could be contributing to the state's 'widespread' flu epidemic

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You will want to see a doctor if you have symptoms including body aches, headaches, runny nose, coughing, fever, or chills.

According to the Indiana State Department of Health weekly report released on December 21, there is widespread flu activity. Health officials stateside are concerned because the US and Australia use the same vaccine. It's a pretty simple fix; get your flu vaccine.

Starting next month, hepatitis A vaccinations would be listed as a conventional vaccine for infants born on or after January 1 this year and who are at least 12 months old, the agency said.

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends flu shots annually for everyone at least 6 months old. Every year 200 thousand people are hospitalized on average. "The flu vaccine has definitely gotten not the best publicity, and deservedly so", he said. However, this year's vaccine has not proven to be extremely effective.

Yet there are those who may argue that they are perfectly healthy and do not require such measures to protect their health.

This year it is speculated that the vaccine may only be about 10% effective. "That generally differentiates from a flu to a cold". The city says 139 cases have been reported so far this season. A flu shot is your best defense.

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"There's still a benefit to getting vaccinated because if you do get the flu, your symptoms will be milder", Troisi said. The most logical explanation for this is that the person was already exposed to flu viruses shortly before, or within two weeks after, getting vaccinated.

"If you start the treatment late, it will not work as well", he said. The vaccine is made with a dead or weakened form of the flu virus, which can't give you influenza given the stunted amounts within the shot. For more information on influenza: here. But if you're still anxious, thimerosal-free flu vaccines are available for children and adults. The flu can be especially serious for children, the elderly and those with weak immune systems. These usually dissipate within two days and are considered a normal reaction to being injected with latent strains of the virus. In other words, receiving the shot will not guarantee you have a flu-free season.

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