Elon Musk's Roadster Is All Prepped-Up for Its Mars Voyage

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The image shows what appears to be a first generation Tesla Roadster (not the recently unveiled next gen) on a platform fitted on a SpaceX payload attach fitting. The photos were posted just hours after a picture leaked on Reddit that showed a grainy view of the auto being readied for its final ride. The price of a Falcon Heavy mission starts at $90 million, according to SpaceX's website. The picture shows a 2008 midnight-cherry-red Tesla Roadster sitting in the carbon-fiber fairing of a Falcon Heavy rocket - just as Musk promised. The company has also said it would use the rocket to take.

Musk notes that rocket payloads for first test flights are generally just things that provide weight to simulate real cargo, like blocks of concrete or steel. "That seemed extremely boring", Musk wrote in his Instagram post.

He said earlier this month that he wants to send the vehicle into "Mars orbit".

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"The payload will be an original Tesla Roadster, playing 'Space Oddity, ' on a billion year elliptic Mars orbit", wrote Musk under the heading, "A Red Car for the Red Planet".

SpaceX now only operates the Falcon 9 rocket, which consists of a core first stage booster and a second stage.

Elon Musk's secretive Ad Astra School formed in 2015. This highly elliptical path goes out to the orbit of Mars, then back to Earth orbit on a near-endless loop (hence the "billion years or so" detail from Musk).

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What Bjelde ultimately wants to see in SpaceX candidates is the same mission-driven work ethic he sees from Musk, who has always made clear that the company's collective goal is to get humans to Mars.

We have to keep in mind that it's a demonstration flight for a new rocket.

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